Products and stack

SaaS trading platform

B2B solution. Our clients are brokerage companies

and financial institutions from all over the world.

150 million
trading accounts
100+ TB
compressed data


We issue plastic and virtual cards. At the moment we are developing functionality that will simplify the processing of cross-border payments. 

Internal developments

The IQ Bus

Abstracts services from the transport layer and provides them with a simple unified protocol for communication. An average of 500,000 RPS.


Helps developers and QA engineers to get isolated environments (up to 2500+ per month) with a selected set of services (330+).

Central Information System

Promotes data-driven development and integrates with Google, Slack, Targetprocess, Tableau, ServiceNow and other services.


Golang and C++  are our main development languages.

In addition we use: PHP, Python on the backend;

Python, Scala  in analytics;

Java in autotests.

We have a microservice architecture and Agile development. In QA we write test cases and generate reports in Allure. We use machine learning in analytics. 

We have distributed storage of 100+ TB of compressed data in Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka, and Greenplum.

For processing, we use distributed engines and scalable solutions: Airflow, Kubeflow and Kubernetes.